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Powercoup PW2 Motorized Handle



Thanks to electronic recognition, the speed automatically adapts to the connected tool.
This patented system is used to adjust the motor performance and thereby define the best power/speed/torque for the tool being used.
The “flat” Brushless technology motor gives an output that is higher than that of a classic DC motor. It is compact, lightweight and is compatible with each tool.
For tools with which there is a risk of cuts (hedge-trimmer, chain saw and reciprocal saw), it has added safety which stops the tool movement very quickly when the trigger is released.


The POWERCOUP PW2 48 Volt handle is very pleasant to use. Furthermore, the device is much smaller than tools that house the batteries directly inside them.
Compact, easy to handle and lightweight, the POWERCOUP PW2 provides optimum work comfort.
Both silent and ecological, it makes it possible to carry out different types of maintenance in residential areas, on camp sites or in any other area where sound pollution is to be excluded. zone où les nuisances sonores sont proscrites.
Six different tools can be fitted to the PW2 motorised base using a rapid head fixing system.