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Lithium 10.5 Amp Battery


This 10.5 Amp lithium battery weighs 8.5 pounds.

  • Works with all of Infaco’s tools except the tying machine (A3Mv2.0).
  • This battery is particularly recommended for clients who want to work over 4 hours continuously with Infaco’s desucerking tool (EPAv2), olive harvester (Electro’liv), and saw (Powercoup).  Battery allows for 4 to over 8 hours of continuous work with these tools.
  • Battery can only be shipped ground – no air shipments allowed.
  • Be sure to also purchase a vest and charger.
  • If you do not already own an Electrocoup pruning shear, you will also probably need a control box and clip. Please call us if you’re in doubt! (925) 371-0796

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